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Our Revolution is an construct formed in the minds and magnificently placed into existence's a change to a status quo and is an unyielding uprooting that will be....

In the beginning was revolution, a burning desire to overcome adversity, the hope for  something unseen.



 Blue Nile Studios' Universe begins with THE SWINE REBELLION COLLECTION here we celebrate the courage it takes to be a Runaway Slave. We illustrate the story of Zebulon aka King David who sparked the Swine Rebellion of 1811...

Our sound track to the Rebellion is played at 12 Revolutions per minute...vibrating the hearts and minds of the people..


The VINYL VERSES COLLECTION celebrates the revolutionary art of Hip Hop..Two turntables and a mic sparked a culture solely defined by its people and govern by verses of a revolution.

Blue Nile Studios

 is graphic revolutionary t-shirt company. Our goal is to promote the works of creation,help define a New Freedom and to Revolutionize over cotton..