Part 2: "What's We Gonna Do Now?" 
“What’s we gonna do now”, shouted the people. “We’ve been in these woods for a long time now. What’s we gonna do?” Thirty days ago, Zebulun aka King David Sparked the Swine Rebellion. He led a hundred and sixty slaves from the Putnum Plantation. Now the people are faced with fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear of recapture and fear of death. King David heard the voices of the people, but he wasn’t swayed by the groaning, because his plan was manifesting perfectly.
        A year before the rebellion, Massa put King David in charge of waste management. Everything that Massa didn’t want he would have King David dispose of it, by any means necessary. This waste included lame animals, unused wood, scrap metal, and of course human and animal waste. In the swamps far from the plantation, King David resourcefully raised the animals to health, built housing, and fertilized the soil for farming. He prepared a stronghold for the escapees; a haven in the midst of the Savannah swamps. "Royal blood flows in the hearts of the courageous!” After listening to the people, he stood up in the midst of them and said: “What’s we gonna do now, what’s we gonna do now? We are gonna live. Live like we suppose to live. Drink from our own well and benefit from the work of our own hands. We will feel secure in our own homes and we will raise a generation that will know new freedom. We will not be shaken, because we know royal blood flows in the hearts of the courageous!” As he finished his speech, King David walked towards the middle of the woods where there stood a massive structure covered with branches. He called over the strongest men to help pull the branches back. As they pulled and pulled they revealed a massive iron gate. And in the middle, at the opening, the iron gate formed an image of a Lion’s face inside of a crowned heart. When the people saw what was behind the gate they were amazed and brought to tears. They saw land, they saw houses, they saw crops and livestock — most of all they saw new hope and new freedom. After the last person filed into the compound, King David closed the gate and hung a sign, “No Swine Behind These Lines”. They lived there in the spirit of new freedom for generations.  Stay Live          



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Stay Live